SUMMER IS HERE It’s time to take out  your BBQ, dig out your tongs and start cooking outdoors.

1.  Use a digital meat thermometer to take the guess work out of when your food is cooked and ensure it’s super-tasty 

2. Put the lid down when cooking for more efficient, more predictable cooking

3. To add smoky flavour when you’re cooking on a gas BBQ take some smoke chips and/or herbs (Rosemary or Thyme work well), wrap them in foil, then add some holes into the foil and place near the burner

4. Get to know your BBQ. Even on a grill there will be hot spots – knowing where these are will help you to cook your food more evenly and consistently

5.  Try not to use pre-marinated food as they tend to have a higher sugar content, and this sugar will burn. If you want to marinade use oil or soy or instead use a dry rub and add your BBQ sauces afterwards

6. Anything can be cooked on a BBQ! From soup, to vegetables, to cakes – your BBQ is basically just your outside oven so get creative

7. To keep prawns tasty and juicy cook them on a high heat for a short amount of time

8. To clean your BBQ first blast up the heat and then use scrunched up foil or a BBQ cleaning brush to scrape the grills clean and then oil the grills with a little vegetable oi

Don’t let your BBQ get sad and lonely all winter – use it all year round