bulb life cycle

tips on planting your spring flower bulbs

  • most bulbs plant by the end of September (check bulb description for details)
  • most plants prefer sunny site with good drainage
  • plant bulbs at two to three times their depth with their 'nose' up
  • water after planting
  • bulbs look best planted together in groups of odd numbers or in rows

Bulbs are useful for adding colour to spring borders. Tulips come in all shades, from dark purple to white, and bloom at a time of year when many plants offer muted colours. Other bulbs, such as snowdrops and scillas, are some of the earliest flowering plants in the garden, brightening up the short days of very early spring.

plant this autumn with results in spring


check the bloom chart

different flowers come into bloom at different times this chart will help you with planning of planting your bulbs

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don't mix bulbs use our classic combinations

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size and quality of bulbs will determinate the success of your blooms in spring

Fill your patio with spring colour from March through until May with our video guide to planting a layered spring flowering container:

All those beautiful flowering bulbs that offer spectacular bursts of color and scent in the spring garden can be coaxed into brightening up your home during the winter. “Forcing” bulbs simply means that we are encouraging them to flower earlier than they would on their own