primULA Girl's Delight are real jewels.

Their large, semi-double flowers shimmer in shades of light apricot-pink. They proudly present their marvellous flowers on short, sturdy stems.


Few tips to get most out of your Primula Girl's Delight

  • Location             sunny
  • Plant spacing     20 x 25cmto
  • water                 Keep normally moist
  • Gardener's tip    Pour enough into bowls and do not allow to dry out.
  • Care is simple: keep it evenly moist, avoid waterlogging and cut off the faded stems with a knife at the base.
  • Soil / fertilizationPrefers a well drained, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Apply slow-release fertilizer to the soil when planting and top up with liquid fertilizer if necessary.


If you like delicate flowers with lovely shades, you will immediately fall in love with the rose primroses 'Girl's Delight® Pink Shades'!                                                With its semi-double flowers in soft apricot-pink tones, the primrose is a real nostalgic specialty among flowers. It spreads pure romance!                                The Girls Delightis a so-called rose primrose, which presents itself in the shine of imposing large, half-double flowers. And these magnificent flowers do not shine in a single color, but in many color nuances that make women's hearts beat faster. From yellow to orange to pink and pink. A charming plant that creates a romantic atmosphere in the garden or in your home (as a houseplant).